Healthy employees are the secret to an organization's success.

Our mission is to bring health and lifestyle knowledge and tools to the workplace.

We specialize in:

- customized employee wellness programs
 - health and needs assessments
- healthy living workshops
- health and life coaching
- onsite and virtual fitness sessions
- live cooking demonstrations

Employers who develop, implement, maintain and sustain a well-rounded employee wellness program will:

- be investing in a more productive team
-increase retention
- reduce healthcare costs
- combat workers compensation and disability claims
- decrease absenteeism and presenteeism (there but not there)
- improve employee morale
- maximize employee focus

Healthy Living Workshops Topics

A few of the most popular workshops includes:
    Learn to Live a L.I.F.E.E.M.P.O.W.E.R.E.D.™
   Stress Stinks, Manage It + Meditation
     Mediation to Soothe the Soul
      Live virtual cooking demonstrations
     Overcoming Obstacles
      Changing our relationship with food
     Get to know Superfoods and how to eat them daily
      Reading and Understanding Food Labels