Meet the corporate team

BOOM Shake Soldiers™

Toni White

Welcome, welcome, welcome!  I am Toni White, Creator of BOOM Shake® and the Lead Fitness Instructor for BOOM Shake® Fitness.  I am truly in love with inspiring and helping others reach their full potential through health knowledge and physical fitness. In 2008, after caring for two elderly and disabled parents, I was further committed to taking control of my own internal and external health and soon realized my ability to help others also live a LIFE EMPOWERED.  My life experience, knowledge and unexplainable connection to people is helping others reclaim themselves in health every day.

My passion and talent in movement has blessed me with the opportunity to train the 1st Ladies of Football, the Washington Redskins Cheerleader’s, to be a three-time fitness professional presenter at the NBC 4 Health and two-time fitness professional presenter for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition Run/Walk.  In fulfilling my commitment to physical, health and human causes, I was a key fitness professional presenter for the Howard County Autism Society 2018 Transition Symposium, The National Walk for Epilepsy on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and the Heart Walk. I truly enjoy partnering with the community, churches and private businesses to help transform the lives of others through health knowledge and movement.   

To ensure I have the knowledge and tools to help others on their journey, I have dedicated the last ten years to expanding my professional credentials.  In addition to holding a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, I have earned a multitude of leading health and fitness certifications:

  • Creator and Master Instructor of BOOM Shake®.  
  • Group Fitness with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).
  • Aqua Fitness Instructor with the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA).  
  • Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist with the National Wellness Institute (NWI).  
  • Health Coach certification with Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).
  • ServSafe Food Manager with State of Maryland.  
  • CPR/AED/First Aid with the Red Cross.  
  • Fitness format certifications include Bokwa, Bokwa Punch & Strike, Hula Hoop, Pilates and Pound.  

Let’s do this together, one movement at a time.

Sonni Keyes

Hi, I am Sonni Keyes, an energetic and fun-loving Californian living on the East coast for the last fifteen years.  I have always been a friendly people person and have been in the Veterinary field for the seventeen years because of my connection to animals.  I always enjoyed exercising and staying in shape and have tried various fitness formats over the years however nothing fascinated me enough to stick to it.  In 2013, I was introduced to BOOM Shake® by a friend and I have been hooked ever since so much so that I became instructor to help others feel how great it made me feel.  It’s such an amazing feeling to see the effects BOOM Shake® creates and I recommend it to anyone, of any age, who wants new found energy, weight loss, body sculpting, friends and a healthy heart.   

I am currently certified in BOOM Shake®, Hula Hoop and CPR/First Aid/AED.  Let’s get healthy and moving! Are you ready?

Angela Norris

Hello, I am Angela Norris and I began participating in the BOOM Shake® group fitness program six (6) years ago.  My passion and love for the “energy” we create and the weight I was able to lose and control, encouraged me to become an instructor and receive my CPR/AED/First Aid certification.  I have a background in diabetes sales and education so incorporating my knowledge with purposeful movement became a great combination on my journey to a healthier lifestyle and supports my ability to help others do the same.  Know that no matter who you are, your fitness level at this moment or what you might need help with in your health journey, I invite you to join us and feel the power in our mind, body and soul fitness phenomena.  Hope to see you in class!

Velicia James

Hello everyone and welcome!  I am Velicia James and, as a single parent, I understand the hustles and bustles of daily life.  Over the years, I have learned the importance of prioritizing my health and enjoying a healthier work-life balance.  In pursuit of my own wellness goals, I began doing fitness classes at home and realized that my drive and passion to change my own lifestyle could help others change their lives as well.  So, two years ago, and in pursuit of my own wellness goals, I achieved my first fitness instructor certification in CIZE Live by Beachbody and love leading weekly classes.

In 2015, I was introduced to BOOM Shake® by the creator at a fitness event and was soon hooked!   The format was more fitness focused yet it created an electrifying atmosphere that makes participants of all fitness levels want to work.  I enjoyed how I felt after each session so much that I was certified in BOOM Shake® and soon expanded my certifications to include, BollyX and Core De Force.  I love instructing and leading my fitness participants because it allows me to encourage and inspire others to do and be their best while having fun. See you at class!

Fay Ferguson

Hi! Let me introduce myself. My name is Fay Ferguson, I’m over 55 years young and have always had a love for music and dancing.  I started dancing at the age of four, have taken classes in ballet, tap, jazz, modern and hip hop and even taught children, ages three to ten, how to dance.  Several years ago, I began working at the local gym and started participating in group fitness classes. Since I already had a background in dance and instruction, getting my first certification, PiYo, was a perfect fit for me and the lifestyle I was trying to maintain.   

Two years ago, I met the creator of BOOM Shake® and immediately fell in love with the format.  I certainly didn’t enjoy when I missed one day of my BOOM Shake® class so much so that I became a BOOM Shake® certified instructor.  I enjoy the challenge of fitness programs and trying various fitness formats so my drive earned me certifications in BollyX, CIZE, Country Heat, Core De Force, PiYo, Pound, and Turbo Kick.  I am also CPR/AED/First Aid certified.

I can honestly say I feel better now than I did in my thirties.  How do you feel and what are you willing to do to change? Take one step and join us.



Marikay Buchanan

Welcome! I found BOOM Shake® about four years ago when I was looking for a replacement for my cancelled group fitness class. I found Toni and her BOOM Shake® session, made it to my first class and WOW, I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!! I was also terrified thinking to myself, “I can’t move like these ladies. I came from a very formal ballet backround and ballerinas just don’t move like that, yet by the end of class I knew I wanted to come back and try again. By the end of the second class, I was totally hooked, joined monthly and never looked back.

In the first five months, I went from a size 14 to a size 8. The energy was so positive and the people that attend are all amazing and professional women (and some men) that made you want to come back for more. It was definitely a no brainer when I was asked to join the BOOM Shake® Corporate Team as a Certified Soldier. I am very proud of my affiliation with BOOM Shake® Fitness and look forward to many years of bringing people the power, wonder AND joy that BOOM Shake® brings. Care to shake it up with me? See you at a session!

Carmen Gonzalez

Greetings and thank you for your curiosity.  I am Carmen and am very excited about being a BOOM Shake® Instructor.

I have been a member of the BOOM Shake® family for over 5 years.  The impact has been immense in my life and overall well-being.  I have experienced weight loss, stress level reductions, greater mental clarity and increased personal happiness.

Here at BOOM Shake® we embrace a holistic understanding of life that considers the whole person – the mind, body and spirt – as these aspects of our lives are intimately connected.  We seek health on a higher conciousness that allows for vitality, well-being, creativity and joy.

As an Usui Reiki Master and meditation practitioner, BOOM Shake® is a natural fit for my passion and flow with helping others on the journey to better health and wholeness.

  – A Healthy Self – Heal Thy Self

Allow us to join you on this portion of your journey – your consideration is appreciated – see you soon.