Our Foundation

BOOM Shake® Fitness offers participants a holistic approach to improved wellness and self-empowerment.  In addition to our trademarked format, BOOM Shake®, we offer a variety of unique group fitness formats, health workshops, health coaching, personal training and customized employee wellness programs. We partner with gyms, facilities, apartment complexes and recreation centers as well as with employers, schools churches and community organizations.  

The difference is BOOM Shake®

  • AFAA and NASM Approved Continuing Education Provider for 8 CEU’s
  • Fills the HUGE GAP between traditional dance fitness and boot stamp style classes
  • Structured and purposeful choreography to maximize results
  • Mentoring program for Instructors
  • World music
  • Body working, soul satisfying exercise escape
  • Head to toe, mental, physical and spiritual full body workout
  • Infusion of formats including strength and endurance training, boxing, martial arts, and purposeful movement
  • Designed to give a safe and targeted, full body explosion.  
  • Freedom to express yourslef

The format:

  • Purposeful, intentional and always oringal choreography
  • Infusion of fitness formats for perfect power
  • Works large and small muscle groups
  • Infusion of fitness formats
  • Interval Training
  • Lead by professional instructors
  • Modified for all fitness levels
  • No guessing game during the session
  • Move to the sweat beats of world music

The benefits:

  • Scientifically proven benefits of exercise includes improved cardiovascular function, assists with weight loss and weight management, aids management of chronic illnesses, strengthen hearts, boosts mood and confidence
  • Lose weight, tone, tighten and feel great
  • Burn up to 900 calories per session
  • Fun, addictive and effective
  • Socialization and community
  • Breaks the boredom with group fitness classes